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Hello and Welcome to the Rainework Blog!

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

So this is a blog huh? I'm not sure what I was expecting...maybe something more than a blank page that I am suddenly unsure how to fill. Where does one begin? To borrow from The Sound of Music, "let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start..." My name is Shona Cairncross (she, hers) and I am the artist/creator behind Rainework. I didn't initially set out to create a business; like many artists and creators I was happily sketching, designing and creating pieces that I put aside when finished to make space for the next creation. There is however, only so much space one can fill before being faced with the inevitable dilemma: toss some of the older projects (blasphemy!) or move... OR, as my very logical husband pointed out, actually do something with my creations. For a description of my creative evolution from art to jewelry to malas, meditation and mindfulness, visit and have a look at the About page.

Designing malas and gemstone pieces to support meditation is something I feel grateful to be able to do and there is so much more to explore, learn and discuss in the areas of meditation, yoga, mindfulness and living well (and gemstones, and crystals...). I hope you will join me for some honest, sometimes humorous discussions on how to make it through this gift called life.

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