Bracelet: Seeing Clearly

Clear quartz has a beautiful clarity and wearing this bracelet of smooth 8mm clear quartz rounds (accented with two amethyst stones) almost looks as though you are wearing globes of ice, even when the stones warm to the temperature of your skin. Associated with Sahasrara (chakra: crown), clear quartz is also often referred to as a "master healer." 

Strung on high density elastic cording, the knot is secured within a bodi root (palm nut) bead for extra security, then dabbed with glue on the inside of the bead.

Measurements: 23 beads, 6.5" inner diameter

Bracelet: Seeing Clearly

SKU: RainB016
  • When I first became interested in geology, crystals and minerals (as a child) I was taught that amethyst and clear quartz were two parts of a whole. Amethyst, the darker half, represented emotions and yang energies while clear quartz, the lighter half, represented intellect and yin energies. I haven't run into that school of thought much since then, but as it stuck with me you will find that all Rainework jewellery that features either amethyst or clear quartz will always have at least one stone of the "other half."

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