Shades of White Stone

108 bead full mala in smooth 8mm round beads of green silkwood with a single silver patterned counting bead after the 54th. Finished with a green silkwood guru bead and handcrafted tassel in black satin thread, bound in green cotton. Each bead is individually hand knotted into the mala on black multi-filament, bonded nylon beading cord with a breaking strength of 75 lb.

Mala: Green Silkwood(8mm rounds)

  • Information on care can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

  • Green silkwood, Ceiba speciosa (also known as the silk floss tree) is a semi-deciduous, broad leaf tree native to tropical and sub tropical zones, predominantly in South America. The trunks of younger trees are green and are capable of photosynthesis when no leaves are present (the origin of the green colour) and are often covered with cone shaped thorns. The wood from the younger green silkwood retains it's olive green colouring with a fine, visible grain.