Shades of White Stone

Full 108 bead mala in smooth 8mm round nangka wood, with a triple set of counting beads (8mm amazonite framed with 6mm round nangka wood) every 27th. Finsihed with a nangka wood guru bead and handcrafted turquoise satin thread tassel, bound in black cotton. Each bead has been individually knotted into the mala using golden multi-filament, bonded nylon cord with a breaking strength of 75 lb.

Mala: Nangka Wood

  • Care instructions can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

  • Nangka wood, also called jackfruit, or jack tree is a fast growing species of tree native to and widely cultivated in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. The wood has a very distinctive golden tone with beautiful graining and is valued at any size, from small wooden beads in jewellery to larger scale building construction. Nangka wood has also been used for Buddhist statuary and the heartwood of the tree is used to dye the golden brown robes of forest monks throughut Southeast Asia.