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Welcome to Rainework, the home of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry designed and created by Shona Cairncross (that's me!). As an artist I have always preferred to work in mediums that require fine detail and I lean towards intricate imagery with a lot of line work. When fellow jewelry designer Judy Pirone invited me to a workshop on chainmaille, she knew the multitudes of little rings would be irresistible and so I fell into the world of jewelry creation. 

A few years later during my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training I was introduced to the practice of Japa meditation and found a space in which my art and my yoga practice came together; mala design. Each mala is traditionally handcrafted using genuine stones and/or wood beads that are individually knotted to bonded, multi-filament thread that has a breaking strength of 75 lbs. They are meant to be worn, to be used, to be turned over in your hands for years to come. Whether it is for ornamentation or for meditation (or both!), I hope you find a piece that speaks to you. Enjoy your Rainework jewelry!


Made In Ontario


Feeling The Love

"Thank you Shona Cairncross

for dropping off your beautifully crafted Botswana Agate Crystal Mala Beads. I will treasure them forever as we graduate from our Yoga Teacher Training! You’ve inspired me beyond measure with!"



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