Shades of White Stone

Made with 8mm smooth green jade rounds on clear, elasticized cording. The cording is a substantial 0.9mm thickness and is triple knotted with the knot then glued and pulled inside a bodhi root bead for extra security.

Bracelet: Jade (Nephrite) 8mmRounds

  • Use of the word jade can be a little misleading as it is often used to describe two different types of stone with two very different physical and chemical compositions; jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is harder, polishes to a natural luster and is a pyroxene mineral. It is often given the name "Burma Jade" in recognition of its geographical origins. Nephrite is slightly lighter and softer than Jadeite (Burma Jade) and is an amphibole mineral. Often the two are almost indistinguishable, so the generalized term of jade is used. Both varieties are found in metamorphic rock. 

    In crystal healing terms, jade encompasses both jadeite and nephrite and while it does naturally occur in a variety of colours, this introduction to the stone is focused on the green variety.

    ​Jade is often associated with Anahata, the heart chakra and may aid in finding a state of deep relaxation in meditation. The restorative properties of jade extend through both the physical and the mental; physically jade may aid in releasing toxins while emotionally it may aid in releasing negative energies and thought patterns, allowing one to find balance. Jade is also often referred to as a "dream stone" as it may help one both reach a dream state and recall it on waking, allowing access to subconscious patterns of thought that may need resolution.


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