Shades of White Stone

Earring of smooth, round 8mm amethyst stones on a sterling silver head pin with surgical stainless steel shepherds hook backings. 

Earring: Amethyst

  • While cleaning your gemstones by leaving them in the sunlight works well for many stones used in crystal healing, amethyst is NOT one of them. The sunlight may have a bleaching effect on the vibrant purple, causing it to fade over time. Instead try clear running water, patting dry and then polishing with a soft cloth. 

  • Amethyst is a silicate mineral and is a variety of quartz. When the quartz crystal is in the process of growing, very small amounts of iron are incorporated into it. This iron is then subjected to gamma rays from materials within the origin rock, creating the colour purple. The intensity of the colour often varies within the amethyst crystal and may move from a pale, almost white base to a deep purple at the farthest points.

    ​The different depths of colour that amethyst is naturally formed in affect which chakras different shades are most likely to be associated with; deeper purples are most likely to be associated with Ajna, the third eye chakra, while paler, lavender amethyst is more likely to be associated with Sahasrara, the crown chakra. When used in meditation, amethyst may help create a calm, clear space within, allowing for access to and greater connection with ones' intuition. 

    ​Historically Amethyst was associated with the Greek God Bacchus and was used to prevent intoxication. In modern times, amethyst is still used in crystal healing to provide support for recovery from substance abuse. Its' calming energies may also be useful in overcoming insomnia. Physical healing potential aside, amethyst is a powerful stone for emotional healing and may help one find emotional balance, acting as a kind of "natural tranquilizer" during times of stress and grief. Lavender amethyst is particularly calming with a gentler energy than deeper purple varieties.


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